Who are you?

I am a 30-something Singaporean who enjoys writing. I am also a mother to a lovely boy and a sweet girl. I am currently working full-time while pursuing a Master degree part-time.

Tell me more about your two kids.

Matthew is my 8yo first-born, a wonderful boy with a wry smile. He is typically attentive, dependable and responsible. He loves to read and asks tonnes of questions. He has a superb memory and can describe events vividly. That said, he has his quiet moments too. Although he is prone to short bursts of temper, he doesn’t bear grudges and forgives easily. He can be trusted to do the right things. He has a first poom (equivalent to first dan black belt) in Taekwondo, and is in the school team for Wushu, but his favourite sport in school is football. Swimming comes in 4th in his list of favourite sports.

Megan is my bubbly 6yo, a lovely girl with twinkly smiling eyes. She is typically sugar and spice, and but by meaning of spice she is a chilli padi! She has her princessy tantrums, but listens to reason, and has lots of love to give. She is always doing something – talking, singing, drawing, reading, observing, dancing – never still. She is perceptive, and has the innate ability to read facial expressions. Whether she chooses to act accordingly is another story, for she has a stubborn streak and prefers to do what she likes, rather than what she is expected to do. She is extremely independent and competitive too. She currently holds the rank of a blue tip in Taekwondo, and is also taking swimming lessons with her brother.

Tell me about your other half.

He’s a 30-something Singaporean who never dreamed he’ll be a father of two. He is now enjoying life as a stay-at-home dad who is very involved in the kids’ lives and supporting my career and studies. He has been my best friend for 18 years, and counting.

Why blog?

What started out as a dare on 13 September 2005 turned out to be the longest-sustaining hobby I have ever had, other than reading. The posts serve as a memory bank, for my memory is not something that can be counted on. Writing is something I loved to do since young, and blogging to pen my thoughts and experiences is such a joy.

Your posts are predominantly about your kids.

They didn’t use to be so, back when I was young and enjoying life as an adult, as my earlier posts indicated. But becoming a mother of 2 has brought much happiness (and frustrations), and added another dimension to my life. While there are all the resources out there about parenting, each family’s treasure chest of experiences is unique. Life for me is now more colourful, and I’m very blessed to have a wonderful family to go back to at the end of the day.

Anything more about yourself?

At the end of the day, when all my duties have been fulfilled and I have me to myself again, I love nothing better than be one with my beloved side of the bed; supine with eyes glued to either the TV, or a book.


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