Loss for Words

I have been at a loss for words for the longest time. I meant to take a short break from writing while other priorities took over; little did I know the hiatus would become so comfortable I did not miss writing after all.

The Man mentioned something about my blog the other day, and it was as if something awakened inside me. Where did my love for writing go? How could I have conveniently brushed it aside to make way for other more important things happening in life?

But it can happen. Other priorities do take over, and I pursue them instead knowing there is only so much I can do, as an ordinary person with limited ability, time and energy to multi-task.

During this hiatus, I adapted to a new pattern. I replaced the time I used to write to read. Not self-improvement / development / guru books though. I digest bite-sized information and articles in a bid to became a teeny-wee bit more informed about the world around me, and naively consoled myself that doing this would make me less ignorant. It made no difference anyway.

The Man and I have struck a great understanding and plan of how we want to run the family together. And the division of labour is working out fine for the both of us. The kids are growing real fast, in their academic pursuits, sports, independence, and demonstrating they have a mind of their own (a.k.a talking back). It is as if we are having a long prelude to the teenage years that are not supposed to be here for several years to come.

Guess I am not that much at a loss for words after all. More later …


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