Sunshine after the Rain

Paracetamol. RING!! Ibuprofen. RING!! Paracetamol. Ibuprofen.

That had been the routine from Sunday through Tuesday nights as I struggled to roll off the bed 1 or 2 times per night and stagger next door to check on the lil’ princess of mine. The 2 or 3am sentry call was the most difficult – sleep was the deepest for me then, coupled with perpeptual difficulty falling asleep and the absolute disbelief I would be up for good for the day in less than 3 hours, at 5am.

But I could never ignore nor delay this obligation. Once Megan burns up with fever, her temperate will spike up to near 40oC so easily it is scary. So we had to keep feeding her medicine to bring down the temperature for the time being. She hated the cool gel forehead-patch too, and cried every time the cold patch touched her forehead. I resorted to using a damp towel that she accepted contentedly, be it on her forehead, under the arms or spread out across her skinny back. And I must say the damp towel was such a simple and fuss-free method – quickly lowering body surface temperature and being comforting at the same time. Although I think the comfort could be attributed to being there for Megan more than alleviating the temperature, because I had to be beside her to rotate the positions of the towel. In comparison, the cold (in more ways than one) gel patch just required me to stick it on her forehead and I was free to leave the room.

And there was the hacking, lungs-almost-out coughing too. Luckily her lower esophageal sphincter proved strong enough to prevent her from regurgitating the contents of her stomach (different scenario if it were Matthew), but I was prepared by hovering the dustbin underneath her chin nevertheless.

The worst is finally over! After 5 days of persistent fever, 2 visits to the general practitioner, and constant worry, Megan is back to her usual (erm, rebellious and mischievous) self. And thanks mostly to the Man and my mum who did the day-duty of looking after Megan, it is finally Friday!

And what was totally unexpected but 200% sweet and touching, was a hand-drawn card from Megan:


Tears immediately sprang to my eyes when I saw the card Megan very, very shyly handed to me without a word. And all the lack of sleep, worry and frustrations suddenly dissipated when I thanked her profusely for the beautiful card. A smile broke across her beautiful face and she put down the finger she was biting on, the tell-tale gesture whenever she is unsure and shy about something.

 Sweet Princess

The endearing details Megan drew about me taking care of her (left), and me going back to work in my black shoes and bag (right). And the use of her favourite colours – pink and purple. She is such a sweet angel, my own Little Miss Sunshine …

And so these are the little things that make motherhood such a wonderful journey. Did I regret all the sacrifices I made when I traded freedom for motherhood? Sometimes, maybe, yeah. Would I choose the same decision to have my precious children again if I could go back in time? YES, YES, YES (to infinity)!


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