9 Ways My 7yo Son Shows his Love

Here are 9 ways Matthew shows his love to us (at 7.5yo):

  1. Finds any opportunity to lie down on my lap, close his eyes and wear a blissful smile on his face.
  2. Lets me call him “Matt” instead of “Matthew”. Only his father and I are “allowed” to do so.
  3. Endures my habit of ruffling his thick crop of hair ever so frequently. I once asked if he was okay with me doing so. He replied with a simple “I know you like to do that, Mum. It’s okay.”
  4. Tells me enthusiastically about the latest “Minecraft” parody I must watch on YouTube. Then remind me daily till we set a date to watch it together.
  5. Gets his grandparents to buy us each a “Minecraft” pickaxe keychain and sees for himself that I’ve hung it exactly where I said it’ll be.
  6. Slips his not-so-little-anymore hand into mine while walking whenever he feels like it.
  7. Writes little pieces of notes reminding us to do things like “must drink” the tea his PoPo brewed for us.
  8. Massages our shoulders whenever he thinks we need it without being asked.
  9. Demands that equal, if not more, amount of bonding time be spent on him too.

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