Caesar Park Taipei

APRU Conference

I have had the privilege to be in Taipei, Taiwan, for a conference recently. The hotel of choice – Caesar Park, Taipei.

 Maybe this is just the norm in the hotel business, but because I was on my own most of the time and hence free to notice details – this hotel is big on branding. And the little comforts and attention to details for the guests made my stay so comfortable.

The cosy hotel room came with a transparent glass writing desk (did not add to the smallness of the room) complete with a desktop lamp, television, and a power track with 2 adaptors (I needn’t have brought mine if I knew!).

Much space was dedicated to the bathroom, which was great because I didn’t feel claustrophobic in a hotel bathroom for once. And the bathroom walls were half-glass (blinds were provided for some decency and privacy, if desired) instead of being opaque, adding to the spaciousness. The shower area was quite big, with side and overhead shower options (think raindance!). Best of all, the glass screen door was fully functional and water proof and I had DRY floors every time I had my shower! Oh, and a properly functioning toilet bowl with bidet! Warm seat cover …

Let There be Light

I have not been around much, but I thought this pretty little guy, the overhead swivel-able lamp, was evidence of the hotel’s attention to details. You could drag this little guy to hover above the writing table if you need additional light, or pull him to shine brightly down the middle of the queen-sized bed if you so choose to ignore the bedside lamps and sit in the middle of the bed to read. Don’t ask …


 And speaking of branding, this ‘guy’ is everywhere!


Postcards (yeah, that’s normal), stationery, and the hotel’s own L-shaped folder


At the rooftop garden.

But carved onto the chinese-style wooden chairs? Yes, the hotel has its own furniture at the restaurant. I was tempted to lift up the table cloth to check if the carving is also on the table surface or legs; but in the crowded restaurant with lots of Japanese guests displaying impeccable table manners, I quelled my curiosity.

Speaking of the rooftop garden, I visited it on the last morning of my stay at Caesar Park.

To the Roof Garden

No way one could get lost, with directions like this.

I was expecting some teeny weeny strip of narrow walkway and some greens. I was wrong.

Fishy Greetings

Koi greeted me the moment I opened the door to the first part of the garden.

Lotus Pond

Lotus pond and some benches for resting.

That's the Loo

Pretty building for toilets, eh?

Taipei Railway Station

The biggest draw of staying at Caesar Park – less than 2 minutes walk to the Taipei MRT/Train station!

Scene 1

Some of the scenary from the 2-storey roof garden.

And complimentary to hotel guests were the famous pineapple cakes from … Have you guessed it yet? Caesar Park, Taipei’s own pineapple cakes! It was not bad-tasting (as was expected) nor too sweet (which was a big plus for me). The ground coffee with disposable filter was, unfortunately, not the hotel’s own, but good-tasting, nevertheless.

I have never felt more at ease in a hotel room, and considering I spent more time in this room compared to other trips where the agenda was not work (nor study). The hotel room was just fantastic and memorable. Even though the only view I had were other tired-looking windows opposite, and there was the smell of bamboo shoots/smelly tofu in the room sometimes (no, it was not brought back by me from the night markets). Despite the minor imperfections, I will definitely choose Caesar Park, Taipei, again. If I get to go back to Taipei, that is …


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