Of Zombies, Slugs and TNT

“MaMa, what is the Pinata Party today?” is a question I get asked every evening, by a 7yo boy with an excellent memory. Unlike his MaMa, who struggles to even remember what she ate for lunch the same day.

Every evening, I roll my eyes skyward, sifting through my cluttered mind to try to reconstruct the battle visually, so I could describe it to Matthew. “Have you gotten Mista Saturday yet? What Slugs did you use?” Again, I reply him. Satisfied, he would let me off, only to quiz me again the next evening.

If my eyes remain in the unnatural position a tad too long, with a scrunched up face for trying too hard to remember, he would say matter-of-factly “It’s okay if you don’t remember, MaMa. It’s okay.” Yup, I have a very cool, it’s-okay-no-biggie-chill son.

That is the start of my daily conversation with my fast-growing up boy. My boy who is into Plants vs Zombies 2, Slugterra, Skylanders, and Minecraft. In fact, he and his friends share stories, tips and books about these electronic games every day in school.

Unlike his friends, Matthew only gets to play games on the Ipad once a week. So he relies heavily on his friends’ stories, and my limited playing to feed his thirst for knowledge about these games. And yes, I play the games as well. Well, at least the free ones, which are limited to PVZ2 and Slugterra. And I play them not because I like playing electronic games, but to have a common topic with Matthew. And I’m glad I do. I just wish I have more time to engage him in conversations and share common interests. I shall endeavour to allocate a little more time to do that, for he is growing up too fast. He is already displaying signs of what is to come in about 3 years when he reaches his tweens. Independent, able to engage in his reading or playing (alone!), and spending long periods of time not talking to anyone.

How much time does MaMa have before I lose you, Matthew? MaMa is starting to get worried …


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