Girls’ Day Out

There was no school for Megan on 23 May 2014 so I took the day off work to spend it with her. We booked ourselves an appointment each with the dentists, and we went to the Science Centre after our teeth were sparkly clean again.

I thought the Science Centre would be a great place for Megan, a highly tactile learner, to run around and touch all the displays as much as she wanted. I was half right, though. Granted she had lots of fun touching and playing with all the displays we went to, I think I learnt more from many of the displays reading the descriptions and then experimenting with the dials, knobs, sounds etc.

I did not expect to learn more about Megan during our outing though.

Floating Balls

We spent a considerable amount of time at this exhibit. By playing with the air flow along the tube, we were able to get the ping pong balls to travel down the length and then stay afloat in the air. Megan was very fascinated by the ‘floating’ balls. She meticulously and repeatedly balanced the balls right above the jet of air so they remained afloat. Usually an active child who cannot sit still except when she is doodling on her art pad, I discovered another activity she could totally focus on.

Look Ma, No Legs

Although she is a very sociable child, Megan has her shy moments too. When I dramatised my reaction to seeing her ‘without legs’ through this illusion, she laughed merrily and posed for a photograph, but her smile was so shy (before I asked her to smile more) that I wanted to scoop her out of her ‘cage’ for a big hug. This little girl is a mystery.

Need for Neatness

We met two groups of student-volunteers who either demonstrated and explained experiments or set up little booths with science-related activities for us to try our hands on. The game in the photo above was meant to be one where you navigate a tank out of the maze of animals by moving the pieces about a square. The young man who manned this activity tried very hard to explain to a 5yo the objective of the game. Megan, not understanding the rules of the game, simply picked up the tank and put it on the table. Her “So simple! There, the tank is out!” left the young man speechless. He decided to just let Megan have her own fun, and this was the result. I was very taken aback, for hidden behind her usual leave-things-about-if-I-can behaviour, she is actually one who is precise and organised.

Favourite Past Time

Spending 3 hours at the Science Centre was about the maximum we could manage, for we were quite tired out after all the stimuli from the exhibits. After a trip home to nap away the fatigue, we ventured out for a satisfying dinner together. Megan occupied her time colouring the kid’s activity handed out at the restaurant while I busied myself getting us dinner. This was the happy Megan indulging in one of her favourite desserts. We had a very leisurely time during dinner; it did both of us slow-eaters a lot of good to have the time to get distracted and finish our food at our own pace.

Spending the day with Megan (or Matthew) was more tiring than being at work simply because there are more uncertainties. There is also the added emotional burden (be it fear for their safety, irritation at their inappropriate behaviours, indignance at other bullies etc) on my shoulders that work does not impose. Of course, work is not all smooth-sailing and all, but it’s just different. Nevertheless, I truly enjoyed bonding with Megan, and I hoped she had a great day too. Looking forward to the next day out to the Zoo as part of the school’s Family Day! Stay tuned!


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