I Lend You My Cheese Stick

The kids enjoy a snack once in a while after dinner, thanks to dearest PoPo. Their current favourite is Cheese Dippers – sticks of biscuit with a cream cheese dip in handy packages.

The kids love to coat the biscuit with cheese, and are learning the principle of balance, though they do not know it yet. There are x number of biscuits, and the small cube of cream cheese. How to coat just the right amount of cheese on each stick of biscuit so one doesn’t end up with too much cream cheese or run out of biscuits too quickly. A fine art of balance that took me many, many tubs of Yan Yan Chocolate Cream and Biscuits to perfect when I was young. At least the kids are practising on cream cheese instead of chocolate cream.

Just starting out on this training, the kids have ended up with too much cream cheese so far. Which is a better outcome than running out of cream cheese, I think. When they first ran out of biscuits to scoop out the remaining cream cheese, they were at a loss, staring longingly at the cream cheese but not knowing how to get the cream cheese into their mouths.

Ah Yi suggested Megan use her finger to scoop out the cheese. Being the tactile person she is, Megan eagerly did as instructed. Both girls ended up being chided by PoPo for being unhygienic – one for suggesting the idea, and one for doing it without a second thought. I suggested using a chopstick which cleaned out the corners of the container very well. Matthew decided a spoon works better for him.

One evening, Megan soon ran out of biscuits as she was generously sharing her biscuits with a dollop of cream cheese with each of us. Matthew, a stickler for fairness and thinks that one should only have his apportioned share without taking from others, concentrated on enjoying his snack. But when he found out Megan has no more biscuits left, he magnanimously suggested to Megan:

“MeiMei, I lend you my cheese stick.” We were pleasantly surprised, as sharing his food willingly is not something he does instinctively; he being the first born in the family, has enjoyed exclusive use of items for the first 2 years of his life.

We, however, burst out laughing at his next words: “But you have to return the biscuit to me after you finished the cheese, okay?” In between our laughter, one of us managed to ask Matthew to rethink his question, and if he really wanted Megan to return him the biscuit.

He paused for a while, and decided that it was not such a good idea after all, flashing his lop-sided grin. And we all knew he had it figured out when he got out of his seat and went to get Megan a chopstick, her preferred tool to get all the cheese.

Life lessons from a simple act of eating biscuit and cream cheese. Look forward to what else life with the kids will reveal…


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