Captain Pirate

Matthew can be a mystery at times. He can be happy-go-lucky one moment, temperamental another, but otherwise he’s generally quiet and nonchalant. Nothing much ruffles his feathers; the only person who can do that with a high success rate is his sister. Sometimes he’s so quiet that when he speaks up, I get jolted by the richness of his imagination.

I was experiencing a rare moment of intense emotion myself when I called the Man and the kids my 宝贝, which I then had to translate to Megan that I called them my treasures. My dearest treasures.

“Then MaMa you’re a pirate.” Matthew piped in. “Because you have treasures.”, came his explanation when I probed.

Matthew didn’t stop there. So many ideas came tumbling out. “You are the Captain Pirate with a golden ship. The golden ship has heart-shaped sails, a heart shaped steering wheel (helm), heart-shaped blanket and bed. And you have your treasures.”

Indeed, I could just imagine my (super girly) golden pirate ship with all the heart-shaped parts, sailing out into the deep blue ocean with my 3 treasures. So this is what life with kids is about, living for moments like these…

Captain Pirate

An attempt to make my beloved Spongebob Squarepants pirate ship look girly. Let’s go have a blast!


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