Transition to Primary One

January is fast coming to an end and Matthew has settled rather comfortably in his school.

Having a schedule to follow suits Matthew’s pesonality. He revels in knowing what activity is scheduled at what time, and is able to recount most of the activities at the end of the day. Given that the students spend 6.5 hours in school, the timetable has scheduled 2 10-minute breaks and a recess of half an hour in between lessons. Matthew has swiftly learnt how to make good use of these breaks. And I’ll like to call him a bookworm, athlete and foodie rolled into one.

He tells us he spends the 10-minute breaks either in the library reading books, or joining his friends in a short game of soccer. While he has not brought any school library book home,  I have forgotten how his once-white shoes look like. His shoes are now scruffy looking and grey from all the kicking of the footballs.

I suspect his favourite time in school is during recess though. And it is amazing to hear how much he can do in 30 minutes. He is able to squeeze in the buying and consumption of food, filling of water bottle, visiting the washroom and playing soccer all in 30 minutes. And he has bought from all the canteen stalls to date. Now that the novelty has worn off, he is back to his usual pattern of repeatedly eating what he likes. He has also become apt with monetary transactions, and making choices with the money he has, after one disastrous incident.

He has also settled into a new routine back home, completing his homework and revising his English and Chinese spellings at PoPo’s house. The Man will go through his work and spellings again when home. Matthew is also capable of packing his schoolbag for the next, though he forgets minor things once in a while.

As for me, I am still getting used to the new routine the Man and Matthew seem to have settled very comfortably in. Apart from the housework I do when we get home at night, I am also in charge of making sure Megan is not neglected. Because she is not an intrinsically motivated reader like Matthew, I go through sight words with her while Matthew and the Man are engaged. I have to try really hard to either quickly completing the necessary tasks for the night, or force myself to leave them till the kids go to bed in order to spend some time with Megan. Too much attention is focused on Matthew, and Megan has been sidelined. I need to restore some balance soon.


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