Natalie’s First Christmas 2013

Christmas has always been a quiet family affair for us, and this year was no different. Better still, the newest addition to the family is celebrating her first Christmas together with us.

The Man and I had several considerations when choosing a suitable gift for our niece. Every suitable toy for a 9mo we cast our eyes on at the departmental store was immediately followed by this question: “Would Matthew and Megan find it fun to play with?”

Yes, that was a necessary question, for we found out that grownup kids (6- and 4-yos are grown up compared to babies) will fight over toys meant for BABIES. More on that later. After combing the entire toy section, picking up and putting back all the toys, we decided there wasn’t going to be any toy that Matthew and Megan would leave alone. So we decided on one that might appeal to Natalie, yet (hopefully) withstand the Herculean strength and handling from her cousins.

Opening Present

Natalie having her first experience in ripping paper. Look how serious she was!

Hello Friend!

Natalie enjoying playtime with her new friend, Wobbly Penguin.

Meant to be patted (maybe can even stretch to being beaten by 6yo?), the penguin always rights itself on its bottom. It even talks!  The penguin is officially Natalie’s – she branded the penguin’s stomach with her saliva (maybe she was just trying to lick the coloured balls). Natalie really appeared to enjoy playing with it a lot, for she was full of giggles. Should I mention so did Matthew? (Megan could not join in and could only watch because she hadn’t finished her dinner). Hope you enjoy your present Natalie! Merry Christmas and lots of happiness!


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