Dr MaMa

“MaMa, you look like a doctor.” Matthew chimed from the door.

“Hmm, why did you say that?” I looked up at Matthew as I finished putting on a plaster on Megan’s finger.

“You put (on) plasters for us, and cut our fingers. Just like a doctor.” Matthew responded. (Before you cringe at the extent of my cruelty, I am the go-to parent to trim away hangnails and file slightly torn fingernails. I do not trim fingernails and definitely do not cut fingers!).

Matthew associating me with a doctor amused me. I guess in his young 6yo mind, I must look like a doctor to him since I take care of their physical health and ‘prescribe’ medicine. And he doesn’t have the experience of working with doctors, like I do, to have a better understanding of the role doctors play in healthcare. I am flattered nevertheless, for being a doctor is a noble profession.

Then my thoughts turned to other roles I play. In healthcare, I am like other allied health professionals too. The Nurse – feeding medicine to the kids , applying eyedrops for Matthew, brush their teeth, rub away bruises. The Physiotherapist – massaging their limbs and making sure they walk properly. The Dietician – what and how much snacks they should be eating or not. The Psychologist – giving pep talks, soothing emotional upsets and providing psychological support.

In home affairs, Policewoman – Breaking up quarrels and fights. The Judge – dealing out punishments and rewards. The Security Guard – ensuring safety around the house.

In tourism and hospitality. The Chamber Maid – changing bedsheets and cleaning the house. The Kitchen Helper – washing the dishes. The Laundry Woman – self explanatory.

I have never taken stock of the roles I play, and listing them out surprised me. I am a Jack of all Trades! Doctor MaMa, I still like this title best though…

What are your roles in this journey of parenthood?


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