Natalie, the Sleeping Beauty

Time flies. My only niece is already 7 months old, a happy-go-lucky baby who finally recognises me and reaches out for me to carry her.

Natalie can sit up in the high chair now, for the past month or so. She will sit in her throne and watch us have dinner in the evenings, while she alternates between observing us and entertaining herself.

There was something she did while seated in the high chair though.

Natelie Nodding Off

Natalie, nodding off in the high chair. Literally.

In LaLa Land

Natalie, 5 minutes later. Gone off to LaLa Land.

Isn’t she just so adorable? I have never seen any baby who is capable of falling asleep in this manner. Fast forward 10 years and this might be what she would do when asked to do her homework. Sis, you have been warned…


One comment

  1. angangelia

    LOL! So CUTEZ! This post caught my eye because brings me flashbacks- my no. 1 is the only one who is capable of falling asleep in the bath tub(when he was less than a yr old) while i bathe him and another occasion a few yrs ago in the toilet while doing big biz… And thanks once again for dropping by with your encouragement!

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