Megan’s Latest Obsession

Megan is in love with her coloured markers and pencils.

I am not sure if the standard of Megan’s drawing match up to others her age, not that I care very much. We just encourage her as much as we can, and she is in turn motivated to keep on drawing.

These are her latest works from her spare time in school and at home:

BaBa & MaMa

“BaBa and MaMa are holding hands” We are so in love, and she loves us very much too.


Her current obsession – butterflies. She worked on this drawing on 2 occasions. She corrected her own spelling (I’m not too sure why), and added green arrows to each butterfly on the second attempt.

MaMa Catching Butterfly

This is “MaMa catching butterfly”, combining what she loves to draw, family members and butterflies, in the same drawing.

Megan 55mo

My willful princess, who loves having her hair tied up in various ways these days. She is so full of life and love, singing to herself while she draws, never quiet and always restless. Megan, MaMa loves you so, so much…


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