Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

The elevators in newer buildings seem to feature mirrors on at least 1 wall of the car nowadays. I’m not exactly sure why mirrors are a must, but I think they are great as self reflectors.

I’m guilty of checking myself out in the ceiling-to-floor mirrors once in a while, but only when I’m alone in the elevator. Staring at the floor or pretending I have something really interesting on my phone when I’m alone in the elevator just does not seem right. Other than counting the numbers on the LED displays, checking myself in the mirror is another great, lone-ranger activity to engage in while the elevator sends me to my designated level of the building.

It is apparent that I am not the only one who likes to stare at my own reflection; but the similarity stops there.

Oops-I-Did-it-Again (ODA)

ODAs come into the elevators bright and eager to see their reflections. Their eyes will open wider and they often pat their hair first before they touch their faces. They will then walk as close to the mirror as they can, if space allows. The excitement from seeing themselves in the mirror makes them forget this mirror is no ordinary one. This mirror is part of the elevator. Predictably, ODAs will gasp, jump a little and turn around quickly to press the button. If they are agile  or lucky enough, they will be in time to go to their level. Sometimes, the gasp, jump, press-button-quick actions will be followed by a “S**t” as they miss their level and have to wait till the elevator makes its way down again. I guess it works out fine for them. This way, they can check their reflections a second, or even third time.

The Red Carpet Star (RCS)

RCSs are great at positioning themselves so they are usually the first ones in the elevator, and have unobstructed access to the mirror. They will walk to the front of the mirror directly and preen openly, oblivious to the stares around them. By now the elevator would have been filled to almost-full capacity, and making its ascent or descent. Finally satisfied with their appearances, RCSs will then turn away from the mirror to face the front. From the back of the elevator, they will call out their desired level to the people in front of the buttons. Out of courtesy, someone will definitely press the button for the RCSs. These people never miss a level this way, since they expect the world to revolve around them. So do my eyes, in their sockets.

Hey, Gorgeous (HG)

HGs are usually groomed properly and the females have full make-up on. They will stare at the mirror for a few seconds when they enter the elevator. Because they already know they are gorgeous, a quick check is sufficient to reaffirm that. They will purse their lips and smile at their reflections. The males will widen their eyes slightly while the females will bat their mascara-soaked eyelashes, at themselves. Satisfied, they will turn to face the front if they are alone. If they are in a group (interestingly, they usually are), they will re-join the conversation they are engaged in prior to entering the elevator. Loudly, and oblivious to the people staring at them.

There is so much to see, being surrounded by so many interesting characters, for a ride that takes about 2 minutes, if the elevator stops at every floor. It would be more fun to watch, if the mirror can talk back. I would love to hear its comments, and I bet it’ll say more than just “You are the fairest of them all.”


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