Entertaining Reads This Week

We returned from the library with a fresh stash of books last weekend and Matthew has been very motivated to finish his breakfast quickly in the morning in order to have time to read the books.

During our nightly reading sessions this week, we discovered 2 note-worthy books. (Images taken from Amazon.com)

The Princess and the Peas and Carrots by Harriet Ziefert

Princess Peas and Carrots

For the Princess in the family, Megan was especially interested in the book. The book talks about a girl Rosebud who displays symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorders (of course that is not the focus of the story). Not that the kids know about OCD, but they could identify with some of the traits Rosebud displays, like making sure she wears her socks properly (like Megan), and arranging her toys/crayons neatly and in a straight line (like Matthew). While I was reading the book, I praised the kids for the good behaviour they display, similar to or opposite of Rosebud. That made their eyes light up and they smiled smugly and shyly at the same time, which was a joy to watch. Other than that, the weaving of the familiar ‘Princess and the Pea’ story into this story went over the kids’ heads. But it was a good book to reinforce the kids’ good behaviour because they could connect with the character of the story.

That is Not a Good Idea by Mo Willems

Not a Good Idea

This is a visually stimulating and beautifully illustrated book by the author himself. Although it is a big book with very few words, it is an exciting twist to the classic Cunning Fox and Silly Goose story I was used to. As the simple story unfolds, the pages are interspersed with cute yellow chicks shouting “that is really not a good idea” in increasing intensity and anxiety. It made me, the storyteller, get more and more excited and nervous as I continued reading. And I could not help but say ‘oh no’ everytime I finish reading the chicks’ warnings. The twist at the end of the story brought a sigh of relief and a chuckle out of me, and Matthew was grinning too.

This is the book that has kept Matthew’s interest, and he has been reading aloud a couple of occasions since we finished the book. Although the book is too simple for him, I see that he is learning to put emotions into his reading, and he adjusts his tone to match the pace of the story. I like that he is learning to read with emphasis on the different words, and I’m secretly very proud of his improving literacy. I cannot resist a bookworm, and my little guy is turning into one…


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