Pretending to be a Culinary Goddess

I have to admit, I am rather ill-suited to be a mother, for I lack the tecnical skills most would associate mothers with. I failed Art in school, so I cannot draw with my kids. I cannot sew on a button properly nor repair tears on clothes in a straight line. Worst of all, I could not seem to cook decent-tasting food, the way the food should taste, because I always think up weird combinations that don’t work out as imagined.

After several demoralising and failed attempts, I give up trying to be who I can never be – a domestic goddess. Picture happy, glowing kids and hubby with pristine white clothes tucking into gourmet food that fills every available surface area of a 12-seater dining table. Then strike the picture out of your mind, for that is not my family you’ll be seeing.

Perhaps I watched a little too much of the television channel TLC lately and was inspired by the celebrity chefs travelling the world eating and whipping up mouth-watering food, or was simply looking for something to occupy the kids with, I could not be sure. After washing all the pretend-food last Friday, I decided on the spur of the moment that the kids and I would make pancakes for breakfast the following morning.

I found a recipe online and had Matthew copy the ingredients so we would have a shopping list. After like 10 hours later, and a thousand “MeiMei, go away! You’re distracting me!”s, the list was finally completed. We were now ready to get out of the house for lunch and grocery shopping. Yay!

Matthew did a pretty decent job of reading the ingredients off the list, and directing the shopping. He was also able to confirm the items were correct before placing them in the shopping basket. That freed me to stop helpful Megan from putting doubles, or uneccessary items in the basket. I even managed to struggle through the cashier with specific instructions to split the non-fragile items into 2 small plastic bags so the kids will not end up staging an ‘Ultimate Fighter” in the middle of the supermarket.

Next morning, I woke up as early as the kids and we three got to work immediately. Megan was put in charge of the wet ingredients while Matthew was supposed to help with sifting the flour. In the end, I had to relieve Matthew of his job because “it’s so tiring”, and a lot of the flour had landed on the table because he could not keep still. After much work, this was my finished product:

Blueberries Pancakes

Blueberry pancakes that Matthew latter wrote in his journal, “need more sugar, more blueberries and more milk”. The Man was equally encouraging with his wise words: “Next time don’t be so adventurous. Just get the pancake mix.” I totally agree, especially after the ton of washing up I had to do after my ‘adventure’. I’m hanging up my frying pan for the time being.

Two days after I vowed to never cook again for a long time, I had to stay home with Matthew because he developed a bad cough and needed to see a doctor. I wanted to give him a nutritious lunch so I tried my hand at cooking again. This time, I had better success:

Matthew 75mo

Okay, I kind of cheated because I cooked tomato, egg and fish soup with broccoli and instant noodles, all of Matthew’s favourites. Naturally, he had a big smile.

Well, at least I have had my fun in trying to be a culinary goddess. I won’t be trying out a culinary adventure any time in the near future, which is a relief. I can be myself again…


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