Washing the Vegetables

School was closed last Friday, so I stayed home with the kids.

Having been a full time (hard)working individual of the society much longer than I have been a mother (let alone a full time stay-home one), I must admit I am totally clueless on what I can do with kids other than read to them. I am lousy at pretty much anything to do with kids and play.

The morning started very early and the kids being super early risers, were bored by 8am. They pestered me to play with them and I suggested they open a restaurant and serve me food from their stash of pretend-food and apparatus. That got them excited and busy, rushing in and out to serve me all sorts of food and beverages. The hustle and bustle lasted for about 15 minutes before I started to get bored first.

When Matthew announced he could not serve me ‘apple juice’ because the ‘apple’ was spoilt, it struck me that I had something to do! I got the kids to bring me all their food made of felt and inspected them. True enough, the food had become rather dirty from prolonged handling.

This was something I was good at – washing! I declared the food were dirty and had the kids help me wash them so we could have ‘clean food’ again. The kids were excited and agreed immediately.

We got to work quickly. I filled a basin with soapy water and another with clean water. Matthew helped with the scrubbing in the soapy water while Megan helped to rinse the food clean. The kids took their jobs seriously and did their best to get the food washed. Of course, the seriousness only lasted for about 5 minutes before they started to monkey around, as usual. After some wrangling, we finally got all the food cleaned, free of soap but dripping wet as well.

I dumped the lot of food into the washing machine to spin them dry and the kids were mesmerised by the washing machine.

Watching them Spin

Guarding the washing machine to make sure it would not eat up their precious food.

It was fascinating (and a tad grating on the nerves) to have kids who are numerate. They would watch the timer on the washing machine and announce every few seconds how many minutes were left till the spinning was done. Twice, in different high-pitched voices. Towards the end, they turned the timer-watching into a game, where they would sprint back and forth their rooms and the washing machine to read and announce the time left. I did not understand; we ate the same breakfast, but I got tired just by watching them run. Where did their energy come from? Or rather, where did my energy go?

Finally, the spinning was completed and the kids confirmed the washing machine did not eat up any of their food. They helped me lay the food out to sun.

Left out to Dry

Clean food and ready to serve another day.

Now that the washing was done, what could I do to occupy our time? More thumb-twiddling and chin-tapping. Maybe I could get the kids out of the house instead. Maybe we could get ingredients to make pancakes! I am really hopeless at this…



  1. beingnenne

    Ha ha! I only have a three year old and most times I am at wits end to keep him occupied. Prepare a HUGE shopping list and take them to the supermarket and let them hunt the things down. It keeps them hooked and wears them out and most often they will tend to fall asleep on the ride home. SCORE!

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