Megan’s PoPo

Megan loves to draw, and she usually comes home from school with little slips of paper on which she draws her family members.

Not having attended any art class till now, I would think her drawing skills are only average. But who am I to judge, for someone who failed Art in school?

All I can say is, she is already better at drawing compared to Matthew when he was at her age (or maybe even now. Shhh…).

She usually draws her the four of us, and writes our names as well. But on this inspired occasion, she drew her beloved PoPo, and even spelled out PoPo:


I love whoever loves my mother. It is very heartening to see the little 4yo spitfire show her love for her family by drawing them, repeatedly. Nevermind PoPo’s teeth are sharp and purple. You go, gal!


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