Who’s the Ghost?

Matthew started this guessing game in the car one evening where we would take turns to provide characteristic descriptions of animals for the rest to guess. Megan quickly caught on to the game and with her brand of enthusiasm and bubbly energy, she was soon describing the animal in her mind with gusto to us.

This animal, though, befuddled all of us: “This animal has 4 legs, and curly wurly ears.”

We clarified that it’s the ears that are curly wurly, and not the tail nor any other part of the body. We were stuck for some time, and Megan grew increasingly smug. I could literally feel the immense will power she was exerting so as not to blurt out the answer too quickly. She was almost bursting from the wait!

When we finally gave up and asked her for the answer, she immediately said “It’s a ghost!”

There was sudden silence in the car, except for the song playing on the radio. I can imagine everyone’s mulling over the answer in his/her mind, trying very hard to make sense of it all. 4 legs, curly wurly ears, ghost?

My mind, in its usual nonsensical fashion, went seriously off-tangent. I started to imagine a real ghost with 4 legs and curly wurly ears, and given that it’s the 7th month of the Lunar calendar and hence the Hungry Ghosts Festival, I giggled to myself as I thought it was apt to be imagining a ghost at the right time.

As I was still giggling to myself, Matthew blurted out, “You mean it’s a GOAT? Not a GHOST.”

Then Megan, with a smile and awe in her voice, “Yah, goat.”

Oh. It was no ghost, but a goat. A mis-pronounced goat.

“Megan, you mean the curly wurly horns on the head, and not the ears?” I clarified. “Yah, horns.” was her simple answer.

There was a huge “OH” hanging in the air as the mystery was solved. That was the end of the game, anyway; everyone’s mental energy was too drained to continue.

And I conclude – there is something really seriously wrong with my mind…


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