MaMa’s Scratching Her Leg

Megan is at the point in her life where she is loving the sound of her voice, and is getting more eloquent in her language. So she is using every opportunity she can to practise speaking, and the jokes begin because she is the baby in the family who has lots more to learn.

I own an epilator which I use on a regular basis. Megan is extremely sensitive to sounds, especially mechanical ones. The first time she heard the buzzing sound from the epilator, she ran out from her room to investigate. She quickly located the noise and came to me wide-eyed and staring at the purple and white machine I was holding. In her usual brand of curiosity, she asked what was I holding and doing. I explained to her that it was an epilator I was using to pull out the hairs on my legs. Understanding dawned on her face as she walked back to her room, having discovered something new. (Matthew never bothered to find out what the noise was, incidentally. I cannot know for sure if he had already crashed out into dreamland, or it is just a girl’s thing.)

Now that Megan would have been familiar to the noise from the epilator, I could now use the epilator without any worry I would be spooked by running feet, and that Megan would stay in bed even if she heard the buzzing sound. I was wrong.

I let my mind drift as I used the epilator the next time. The next time I knew, there was Megan’s voice being carried over the buzzing sound. Megan was talking to the Man as I didn’t notice her from the start. But I did catch her next question to the Man.

“BaBa, is MaMa scratching her leg?”

HUH?? I’m scratching my leg? Where did she get the notion from? Incredulous, I stared at the Man as he chased Megan back to her room. Once Megan was out of earshot, we burst out laughing. Scratching my legs! I guess from a 4yo’s point of view, moving the epilator up and down the length of my legs does seem like scratching. Though I will not stop to tell Megan that machine is called an epilator, I think her version of my action is the funnier, cuter one. My lovely, silly princess and the ideas she has…


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