Genes Across Gens

When I was much younger, I used to tease my baby sister that she was picked up from the rubbish dump because she was so different from my parents and I, in my childish, prejudiced eyes. She used to get irritated with me because I was deliberately trying to make her an outcast. (Now that I’ve become more mature and objective, I have come to realise the different one is me. But that’s another story for another time.)

When I met the Man, I learnt that he also used the same phrase ‘picked up from the rubbish dump’ on his parents too; we share similar upbringing, being the much older sibling with a baby sister/brother.

But it was just a passing remark, for there was no question on our parentage. There are genes that get passed down from generation to generation, we all know that. But I realised there is this particularly dominant gene (or group of genes, I don’t know) that confims the kids and the Man are related morphologically.

OMG The Toes!

The last toes of the 3 of them – the Man, Matthew and Megan, are identical. The bones of the last toes are bent and cannot be straightened. I noticed them when the kids were born, but I never truly paid attention to the perculiarity until now. And when the toes are compared this way, the similarity is unmistakable. I also spied on my father-in-law’s toes too; no question where the gene(s) came from. The gene(s) has been passed down the  generations! (Traditional Chinese decorum dictates that I do not ask my father-in-law to lie down and let me take a photo of his toes, so you just have to take my words for it).

Through this, I also realised the shape of the kids’ feet are similar too; bony, thinner heels and high arches. Maybe I should have take a photo of my feet huh…

Well, if there ever comes a day when my kids question if their BaBa was their biological father, I’d just have to point them to their identical toes!


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