Achieved – TKD Red Belt

Matthew had initially fallen behind in the preparation for his Taekwondo grading in July, having missed 2 lessons because he went to Europe and not being supervised by his father for over a month. Thankfully, both father and son worked very hard together and Matthew managed to get up to speed with an additional catch-up lesson and a private lesson each.

The school and instructors also had higher expectations for students going for their red belt grading. Matthew also seemed to become more serious during his nightly practice.

The day came for his grading. When Matthew emerged saying he had had to perform his pattern twice, my heart sank, for it was an indication that he didn’t pass the first time and had to be given a second (not guaranteed) chance to pass. But Matthew was very confident that he had passed, and had announced the news to his grandparents matter-of-factly. I, on the other hand, waited anxiously for a week for the results to be announced.

The wait was finally over! Matthew has officially passed his grading and now wears a red belt proudly, making him one of the more senior students in the school. We celebrated his achievement by bringing him to have rossti and chocolate banana crepe, as promised. He was so shyly happy of all the attention he was getting. I am so proud of him, that he perservered despite the pressure on him to play catch up, and being drilled hard by his father. And to me, it was a huge achievement, given he only turned 6 years old not long ago. And thanks to the Man’s perserverance and hard work as well, for Matthew wouldn’t be able to achieve all these by himself, or if left to me!

Red Belt

Well done Matthew! MaMa couldn’t be happier for you, seeing you work hard for something and achieving the intended result!

Now, on to the next level, black tip! A lot of hard work ahead for father and son…


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