Return of the Ice Queen

The Man and Matthew went for some male-bonding time together over the monsters versus robots movie, Pacific Rim, last Saturday. So what did we girls do? We went ice-skating!

With a planned trip to the ice-skating rink, Megan and I achieved several firsts together (almost everything we did that day was new to us), just the 2 of us. I was not very confident of bringing active, not-always-obedient Megan out by myself before this actually, because she had the tendency to drive quiet me nuts with her noisy chatter and always on the move nature.

But there was always a first, and I put aside my fears and went ahead on our adventure, determined to get through it, if not enjoy it.

Megan is now numerate and she helped to look out for the buses we could take to Jurong East. Upon arrival at JCube, we purchased admissions tickets to the ice-skating rink before heading out for an early dinner. She wanted to have fried rice, and we went to Canton Paradise to share a plate of Yang Zhou fried rice.


She ‘attacked’ the plate of roasted peanuts before I could even sit down opposite her. This was her proudest trick, demonstrating her ability to use the chopsticks (almost) like a pro. She is so good with the chopsticks she could even feed me peanuts across the table. We were done with dinner at 5pm! With lots of rice in our bellies, we left to get ready to begin our ice-skating session.

The ice-skating rink was not too crowded at the start of the session, but eventually filled up with amateurs and professionals alike. Megan and I went onto the rink without any skating aid because I wanted to see if we could skate more freely, instead of having to lug the heavy skating aid around, like the first time we ice-skated. It was quite challenging in the beginning, holding hands and trying to get Megan to concentrate on walking on ice, instead of using me as a safety belt while she stared at everyone and everything. And she fell many times because she preferred to focus her attention on the happenings around her. It became frustrating when she started going in and out of the rink just so she could sit on the seats at the stand, which happened to be in purple, her favourite colour. Eventually, through a combination of cajoling and chiding, she became determined to get onto the rink for good. And she even managed to walk on the ice on her own!

Walking on Ice

My warrior Princess, full of determination and courage as she put aside her fears and walked round after round on the ice rink, all by herself!

We managed to last 2 hours at the rink, before finally calling it quits. By now, our bodies were aching, and bruises were appearing on our ankles, legs and backs where we fell. But we didn’t mind very much, since we accomplished much in the 2 hours on the ice.


Megan was hungry again after 2 hours of hard work on the ice, so we stopped for toast bread and ice chocolate. She finished 2 slices of toast on her own!

By the time we left JCube, it was already 8pm and I was exhausted. But Megan, fueled by kaya and butter toast and ice chocolate, was chatty and restless at the bus terminal and on the bus. She did not show any sign of ache nor discomfort, despite falling down on the ice numerous times. Unfazed by the falls and instead of becoming afraid of falling down again, Megan gamely agreed to go ice-skating the next time! That is what I really admire about her; her never-say-die attitude and willingness to keep trying. May your admirable attitude stay with you always, my warrior princess! MaMa is looking forward to the next mother-daughter bonding time with you! When my aches and bruises heal, that is…


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