Matthew and 2 Pieces of Magnet

Matthew has always been an early riser in the mornings and since he finishes his breakfast pretty quickly too, he has time to play or read on his own while he waits for the rest of the family to get ready to leave the house.

This morning, he was walking around the house looking for something to do when he stopped in front of the fridge. 2 small glow-in-the-dark pieces of magnets caught his attention.

As I was sitting at the dining table beside the fridge, groggily downing my coffee, I became his audience of one to his impromptu skit using the 2 magnets.

Moving the magnets around and introducing them as BaBa and MaMa, Matthew began to tell his very short story (unedited, except for one part which I corrected him):

“This is BaBa and this is MaMa (putting the pieces side by side) and MaMa born Matthew. (I corrected him: “MaMa gave birth to Matthew, or Matthew was born”).

MaMa goes shopping (moving 1 piece north), and BaBa goes to work (moving the other piece south).

MaMa comes back from shopping (moving the MaMa piece in the north back to the centre of his stage), and BaBa comes back from work (dragging the BaBa piece to be beside the MaMa piece).

(Pressing the 2 pieces together so there was no space between them) Then Megan was born!

The end.”

Matthew then walked away from his makeshift stage and went in search of something else to occupy his time. By now, I was quite awake watching him play out his skit. I am pretty sure the distance between the magnets in each part meant something to Matthew, especially the last part before “Megan was born”.  How much does a 6yo know about conception and birth, since we have not been very active in explaining it to him?

Or it could be my caffeine-fueled mind imagining too much, early in the morning? It couldn’t have been a coincidence right, that in the same morning, Megan asked me about girls wearing bras? I think I am reading too much into things…


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