MaMa, I Also Want to Wear Bra!

“MaMa, what’s this?” Megan asked this morning, looking serious and touching my (home) brassiere I left on the bed, while I was getting ready to start the day.

“It’s called a bra, it’s what adult girls wear to cover their breasts”, I explained while showing her where the bra would cover and what breasts are.

“Are you wearing bra?” I nodded. “I want to see!” I nodded again and she skipped over to me, pulled open the collar of my blouse and peered in.

“Oh yeth, you are wearing bra.” She confirmed with a very serious look on her face. She looked so adorable I had to stop myself from laughing out loud.

“I also want to wear bra!” She declared, while pulling the collar of her top open and peering inside. I launched into the why-4yo girls-don’t-have-breasts explanation while she looked at me with a curious twinkle in her eyes. How I love her eyes. Then,

“Why BaBa never wear bra?” “GongGong and YeYe wear bra?” “GorGor wear bra?” She bombarded me with a series of questions, but at least she seem to understand that older girls will develop breasts but not for her yet. Again (I was full of patience this morning) I explained to her briefly. Curiosity satiated, she ran off to finish her breakfast. 4yos, the age of questioning…




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