Like Kids, Like Minions

The kids were pretty civil to each other the weekend that just past. They played happily (crazily more like) and quarrelled relatively little, which was very enjoyable for a change. Of course, they did gang up to drive us crazy, but it was preferable to making us angry by going for each other’s throat.

The kids wanted to sit next to each other during dinner yesterday, leaving the Man and I free (finally!) to sit together. Except when they were dutifully eating their dinner, the 2 of them monkeyed around and made us laugh. But nobody laughed harder than themselves. They goofed about, laughed at their own silliness and pretty much entertained themselves throughout the rather long dinner.


The photo captured their silly mood pretty well.

After a while, their playfulness seemed very familiar to me. Then it dawned on me. They look like the Minions!


Image taken from here

The kids, with their funny, ridiculous sense of humour, are exactly like the minions! I laugh, now that I have a mental comparison with the minions, except they are not as yellow, nor purple. And I count my blessings that I have funny kids…


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