Will I Meet the One?

The conversation I had with Matthew last night as we laid in bed was one of the longest we had in ages. Once again, I was amazed at how much thought processing a 6yo mind could handle. He was talking almost like an adult, except for the maturity of ideas.

He was saying how he would travel from his house to our house when the Man and I become grandparents, and to Megan’s house as well. With that he asked if he has to marry someone next time. I replied yes, he will find someone he would want to marry when he grows up next time.

“But I cannot marry anyone in my class now because we are same age”, he replied. And that spurred me to launch into the why-the-hell-not-you-can-meet-that-someone-anywhere-regardless-of-age-as-long-as-you-love-each-other tirade (minus the hell part, and adding the minimum age of 18 disclaimer).

“I love Osten but I cannot marry him right?” (Inwardly I cringed). I tried to explain that the love he has for Osten is friendship but not the marrying type; it is a different type of love. “You can marry Verena, she is in my class.” chimed in Megan (I was amazed by Megan’s astuteness but it’s another story for another time).

“Verena is younger than me. Cannot right?” I repeated an abbreviated version of the tirade earlier by explaining that BaBa is 3 years older than MaMa, why (the hell) not (sigh)? The kids got curious about Ah Yi and Uncle Chong Boon’s age gap, and were so excitedly surpised to learn that Uncle Chong Boon is exactly 3 years older than Ah Yi as well.

His curiosity satiated and his attention span for the topic coming to an end, Matthew moved on to talk about something else. I heaved a sigh of relief. That was a difficult topic to explain. How does one explain the concept of love and marriage to a 6yo satisfactorily? I would like to learn.

Meanwhile, this conversation about meeting the One and marriage evoked the memory of a recent conversation I engaged in, this time with my friends. More food for thought…


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