Kindred Spirits

“MaMa, can you go ice-skating with me again?” Megan spoke while her eyes beseeched mine. Only 1 week had past since our first venture to the ice skating rink , and she was looking to go again. All this happened while we were getting ready to go to the Botanic Gardens with her beloved mini micro scooter.

“I would love to go ice skating with you again, Megan, but not today. Are you ready to go out with your scooter?” I replied, ruffling her silky soft hair.

“Yeth!” She shouted with a lisp, and ran to where her scooter was parked.

Warrior Princess

The sweaty speed demon pausing for a 5-second photo before zooming off again.

Her love for speed has her drawn to the skate scooter naturally; although it was originally bought for her elder brother. Matthew prefers the solid ground to zooming down paths on wheels, so the scooter was lonely until Megan inherited it when she came of age. And how she loves the scooter!

Zooming up and down, and round and round at the Botanic Gardens while we sat watching her was pure joy. Although she never ventured far, she was never still, going round after round after making pit stops at where we were seated. But she seems to have outgrown the mini micro, it being too light for her to go fast. When we discussed getting her a maxi micro for her next birthday, I dreamily mentioned that it would be nice if I could get the adult version as well, so that I could join her.

To my surprise, the Man said yes! My eyes immediately lit up, and I visualised the both of us, Megan and I, zooming down the paths together, laughing as we share the same love for speed.

I may not be able to bond with my daughter over books and the love for words as I can possibly do with Matthew, but I have found something we both love. Not walking on solid ground but being on wheels or skates! The possibilities of spending the weekend as a family came to mind: the Man and Matthew catching a movie together while Megan and I will be at the ice skating rink, or the girls zooming away on our scooters while the boys catch up with us later. Weekends don’t seem so daunting now…


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