Art Garden at the Singapore Art Museum 2013

Thanks to the great tip by Jane here, we spent a great morning at the Art Garden 2013 at the Singapore Art Museum on Sunday, bringing our last, relaxed weekend as parents to a single child to a wonderful closure.

Beach Gal

This is our happy Miss Sunshine, enjoying all the undivided love and attention from her parents. Adopting the casual style of a beach gal, not for going to the beach, but venturing into the warm and humid outdoors.


The beach gal went to visit Walter instead, at the Singapore Art Musuem.

The Enchanted Garden City by Sandra Lee

Whimsical, colourful, and capturing the sights of children and adults alike. Adults were walking around the exhibition, dreamy eyes straing at the hanging displays above the heads and gingerly stepping on the colourful drawings beneath their bare feet, wearing big smiles on their faces. The children were just running all over the place, screaming with delight.

Rainbow Bridge

The rainbow bridge, with beautiful sheep-clouds.

Lotus Pond

Dipping my feet in the lotus pond. 2 kids just finished their swim (on their bellies) in the pond, by the way.

Hansel & Gretal

Hansel & Gretal visiting the Kampung. Makes one want to follow them up the steps and walk into the fairy tale with them.

Mirror on the Wall

The Magic Mirror on the Wall, projecting the drawings done by the children onto itself. Megan shyly posing with her drawing.

The Artist

Drawing of herself with the balloons, with BaBa and MaMa, on a happy day out.

Around the Day in Eighty Worlds by Vicente Delgado

Kaleidoscope Room

Enter the weird world, where everything is not as it first seems.


Spinning the wheel.

Live your Dreams

Painstakingly colouring the hot air balloon in her favourite colours, then deciding that sticking bits of paper over everything was more fun. As long as you’re happy, Megan. Live your dreams!

Stellar Cave II by Julien Salaud

Screws and Thread

Amazing piece of work done linking thread over screws, and under UV light!

In between touring the exhibitions, we also watched about 10 of the 15 short and captivating films lounging on the comfortable sofa. By now we had spent close to 2 hours at the Art Garden, and Megan was both tired and cranky. Talk about the senses (this being only the sight) being over stimulated, not only does it happen to babies, it happens to 4yos and adults too! We decided it was time to leave for lunch, and to have some respite from the visual stimulation. Till the next time! We had lots of fun!


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