Icy Thrill

With Matthew away in Switzerland / Germany, the Man and I are enjoying the ease of parenting only 1 child. And we decided to shower more attention and love to our often-neglected second born the past week and weekend.

When the Man first suggested we go check out the ice skating rink at JCube on Saturday earlier last week, I could hardly contain my own excitement. We have been to JCube a few times to watch movies at the cinema, and I have always lingered and watched people skating in the rink with envy. It evoked happy memories of the few times I had been in the ice skating rink in my early teenage years, with good friends, laughing and shrieking with excitement and fear as we wobbled and skidded our afternoons away. Ever since then, I had not been back due to the lack of time and money.

I kept my excitement in check and at the very back of my mind, for fear of jinxing the occasion. These things happened too often in my life for me not to be superstitious.

Finally! Saturday came and we were really going to the ice skating rink! Megan was very excited for the chance to wear her purple gloves. I was just excited, and worried that I would fall down for I had never mastered ice skating in the past. We had also forgotten what the rules for admission were, but admission is by sessions of 2-hours each now. Internally, I felt it was expensive for the three of us to rent the boots and go round and round for 2 hours inside the rink, with a kiddo penguin skating aid for Megan.

Nevertheless, we got the boots and we were ready to go! The first step I took onto the ice was magical; I could hardly contain the child in me from punching the air and whooping with joy. Yes, I didn’t fall! We helped Megan step into the rink and had her hold on to her penguin aid; she didn’t fall either!

For the first hour, Megan was like a new born fawn learning to walk for the first time; her legs kept giving way and she sat down on the ice with her legs sprawled. But the fighter in my little princess refused to call it quits, she got up and tried again and again, alternating between holding the handles on the penguin and my hands. Sometimes she gave up on the cumbersome and heavy penguin, and opted for our hands instead. Round and round we went, tirelessly. And we were perspiring profusely, despite the cold. It was hard work trying to keep our balance, keeping 2 eyes on Megan and the people around us, and going round and round! We kept asking if she would like to rest for she was getting increasingly difficult to hoist up from the ice. Finally, after an hour, she decided it would be fun to go rest at the purple seats, her favourite colour. The Man went with her, while I stayed behind and skated on my own.

I glided on the rink, focusing all my attention on keeping my balance and not falling. But for a brief moment, I felt free. No other thoughts clouded my mind, just intense concentration on keeping my balance and going forward, going round the bend. Sometimes I lost concentration and I started to flay my arms around, trying to regain balance, but it was all part of a exhilarating experience for me. I loved the feeling of being able to glide on and on.

Megan started getting restless at the stands, and wanted to rejoin me in the rink. She struggled to push her penguin aid along, and at one time, she gave it up totally and started to walk on the ice on her own. We were amazed at her fearlessness! 1 hour on the ice, and she already felt confident enough to walk on the ice independently! I was in awe of her fighting spirit. She looked so adorable, walking on the ice. Of course, she didn’t last very long before landing on her bum. But she didn’t cry nor give up, that is what I love about her. We continued, round after round on the ice, until my legs screamed murder, and time was almost up by then.

Ice Skating

Megan, the Warrior Princess. And the watchful mother hen behind her…

We left the rink for good 15 minutes before the allocated 2 hours was up. It was only when I sat down to take off the skates did I realise both my shins near the ankles were bruised and hurting badly. (They are still swollen today). But I won’t be forgetting the magical experience for a long time to come. Now I feel like learning in-line skating even more…

With my Princess

Happy smiles said it all…



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