May the Force be with You

The influence we have on the kids is often not apparent until there is a conscious effort to analyse it.

We have been very strict with the kids since young, more evidently so in Matthew than in Megan since he has had a 2-year head start. And learning to live with each other, and one another, does have its influence too. We have all been practising the way of the Jedi, without us knowing it.

It was a normal Saturday morning, just like any other. The kids woke up early, as usual, and started their mayhem while the Man and I roused from our sleep slowly and reluctantly.

I dragged my feet around, zombified, while the Man dragged his iPad onto his lap and started interacting with it intently. I mumbled something to the Man, interrupting him from his relationship with the iPad. He widened his eyes at me, and then swept his arm forcefully from left to right towards me. I shut up immediately, and left him alone.

5 seconds later, Matthew poked his head into our room and said something about being hungry or complaining about his sister, the zombified me could not remember. Unconsciously, I widened my eyes at him, and swept my arm at him, exactly what the Man did to me. Matthew understood the cue to leave us alone! He went back to his room nonchalantly, as if nothing happened.

I was shocked; we have trained the family to understand non-verbal cues without realising it? Not unlike the Jedi Knights!

Megan may be too young to understand the way of the Jedi, but is accustomed to seeing the dagger eyes – eyes that grow larger and shoot fire or daggers out at her misdemeanor, and she will apologise immediately. This works very well with Megan as she looks at people in the eyes; the effect is less than ideal with Matthew, who seldom looks at the face, let alone the eyes.

Will continue to monitor the effects of our body language and non-verbal communication on the kids, it’s rather fun to watch their reactions. May the Force be with them…


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