3 Belts to Go! Or Not…

Matthew has been enjoying himself during his Taekwondo lessons since he was 3 years old as far as I could tell. He has never whined and complained about going for lessons, and practise very seriously for his grading examinations since turning 4 years old.

However, I suspect that the real reason is that he is a hoarder/collector. He likes to have things in a whole series. When he receives a toy from a series, he will ask us to buy the rest of the toys in the same series. When he received classic fairy tales from Ah Yi for his 6th birthday, he asked both Ah Yi and PoPo at the next available opportunity to buy him the other 2 stories from the collection.

Hence, the reason he is motivated to carry on with his Taekwondo lessons is probably due to the fact that he has been collecting the coloured belts and cards since he started with the white belt, and does not intend to stop until he gets his black belt. Why, he has even promised his PoPo to bring all his belts to show her when he gets the black!

With the knowledge that he intends to collect his belts, I purposely told him that after his black belt, there are more levels with stripes on black belts called dans (actually it should be pooms before proceeding to dans). He was stunned into inaction for a good 5 seconds! Wonder if he was thinking how to continue collecting more belts! I’m such a wicked mother…

And the Collection Continues

Despite the wicked thing I did to my own son, I’m extremely proud that he has achieved so much in 2 years. The concentration a young kid could actually control to finish all the steps to his patterns, the determination he still has despite being scolded when he loses his concentration is not to be dismissed. Congratulations son! Keep working hard to achieve your dreams!


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