Birthdays in May 2013

The boys celebrated their birthdays together for the 6th year running. This year, we had 2 days of simple celebrations as 4 May 2013 fell on Saturday.

Birthday Cake

This year, Matthew requested for a M-shaped birthday cake for the celebration in school. After much searching, we finally found Swee Heng Bakery who easily accomodated our requests to customise the shape and colour combinations. Matthew was delighted at how his cake looked like (it was a surprise) and so happy to share his birthday cake with his friends.

Celebration in Skool

As usual, Matthew’s friends loved that “Goofy” the Man has visited them again. The kids surrounded the Man like a celebrity, all excited and screaming because seeing the Man meant lots of fun and laughter. I was almost deaf from all the screaming! Megan was invited to join in the party, and was so possessive of her father she didn’t let him go throughout the singing, cake-cutting and goodie bag giveaways.

Shy Boy

The shy boy, unaccustomed to being in the centre of attention. He was plastered to the corner of the shelf for a good 10 minutes while his friends surrounded and screamed “Happy Birthday!” to him, smiling his happy but unsure smile. That was a side of him I had never seen. I have always known he is rather shy, but I didn’t expect him to be so uncomfortable with a lot of attention. But Matthew thoroughly enjoyed himself with giving out the goodie bags to his friends, and serving them a slice of the birthday cake.

Bday Boyz

More reasons for celebrations! We had separate, simple birthday celebrations for the boys with our families. Lots of cake-cutting and opportunities to blow out candles for the kids! (Yes, Megan included!)

36 & 6

The boys’ actual birthday was spent simply with just the 4 of us. Swimming lessons for the kids in the morning, followed by TKD grading for Matthew. For dinner, we had Matthew’s favourite chicken rice. The boys were holding up their fingers to indicate both their ages (the Man had help from Matthew) in 2013! We had the 4th and last cake-candle blowing at home. Presents for Matthew this year were all books which he loved! My little boy has grown up, no more toys!

Hope you boys had a good time, and may you continue to celebrate your special day together for many, many more years to come! May all your wishes come true!


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