Happy 6th Birthday, Matthew

Dearest Matthew,

You are finally, finally, six years old today. No more “five years plus” as your answer when asked how old you are, nor correcting others that you are “five years plus” when they say you are six. MaMa is waiting to see when your “six years old” will change to “six years plus”; I am looking forward to that.

You may not realise it yet, but you are a person who must be exact and accurate. You function well with clear instructions and explanations. And your memory for exact events is superb. You still remember events that happened when you were a mere toddler! Amazing!

You are a very dependable person, Matthew. You will remember messages to be passed along, and you will remember things you are supposed to bring to whichever place for whatever event. Since young, you have been able to recall events that happened to you in the day, and share them with us with so much enthusiasm. You still do, by the way. And with progressive eloquence. You are good at describing; I can picture the events in my head. You remember what others are supposed to be doing too! As such, we even look to you for confirmation for matters pertaining to Megan. You are that reliable and responsible. Yes, at times you forget things, and we forget you’re not even six years old yet.

Deep down, you have a lot of honest bones in you. Though the truths hurt more at times, I wouldn’t ask that you change. You are a poor liar anyway; so keep to the straight and narrow, boy!

Our expectations of you are very high; is that the reason why you are sensible and mature for your age? Maybe we are very harsh on you at times, expecting so much of you. But we wouldn’t be if you’re not capable, would we? Believe MaMa when she says you are capable of much more, if you always remember to use the gift you have, up there in your head.

I love that you take very good care of your own things; things are neatly kept away after use, and your books are in pristine condition. And now you are much more independent compared to in the past; you’re almost ready to start Primary One next year!

You have finally accepted that you must have vegetables in your diet; although you still gag occasionally when swallowing the vegetables, you now do so without complaint. I love to watch you eat; methodically polishing off everything on your plate efficiently. Your appetite is huge, especially when it comes to your favourite chicken rice, char siew rice, or spagetti. You can finish off an adult’s portion in a very short time! Watching you appreciate the food with enthusiasm is pure joy. And your BMI has finally reached the 10th percentile, up from 3rd to 5th percentile last year. Way to go!

You have your silly moments. And when you are in the silly mode, you get real crazy, darling. But you have learnt to control the bouts of craziness, and calm yourself down after the highs. Keep working on your control, but I hope you keep your sense of humour.

On other occasions, you are a serious person. Take your TKD practice for example. The frown on your face, the look of concentration as you execute your moves is enough to scare the (short) enemy away. Once you are done with the moves, it is as if the mask you have on your face is removed, and you’re back to your goofy self.

I’m am so proud to be your Mummy, Matthew. And I hope you will have a wonderful year ahead, growing wiser and more sensible yet funnier at the same time. Happy Birthday, Darling! Love you lots!

Mummy's Boy


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