Megan’s First Visit to the Dentist

6 months have passed, and it was time for Matthew’s appointment with the dentist again. Since then, he has lost 4 of his lower baby teeth, and 2 adult teeth are almost fully grown, while the other 2 are still nowhere in sight.

We decided to let Megan start her regular visits to the dentist at an earlier age, after what happened to Matthew’s teeth.

After psyching Megan for the imminent visit to the dentist the whole week, and she being enthusiastic about it, she still chickened out when asked to sit on the ‘throne’. Tears immediately pooled in her still-big eyes, and she clung on to my legs for dear life. Even after she witnessed her brave brother had his teeth checked and polished before her, she still refused to believe the seat was safe, and that the handsome (ahem!) dentist was going to be gentle on her. I ended up being sacrificed and acted as her safety cushion and comforter as the Dr Hwang worked on her teeth with her comfortably nestled on me.

Checking on my Pearlies

Once she felt secure with me holding and clutching her hands, she obeyed Dr Hwang’s instructions to the T. In fact, she opened her mouth really wide and kept it wide open the whole time, and Dr Hwang praised her for doing so well!

All in all, it was a pleasant trip (the exception being our poorer pockets!) and the kids’ teeth are okay.

Hear the Lioness Roar!

The proud owner of clean-again teeth and a certificate for being such a brave girl on her first visit! This is the way to do it (hear, hear, GorGor!)


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