Crazy Conversation with the Kids

We were on the way home last night when the conversation took an unexpected turn for the crazy and hilarious. (Disclaimer: we were by no means being disrespectful to the names or surnames in the conversation, but merely going with the context of the conversation).

Blah blah blah later…

Matthew: There are so many Lees in my class. When I said to my friends “Lee, stand aside” both of them turned around and looked at me. Lee, Lee, Lee everywhere. So fun. I’m the only Ang, boring.

Megan: GorGor is Matthew Ang, BaBa is Kelvin Ang, I am Megan Ang. MaMa is Ann Fong.

Matthew: Hey, MaMa is the only Fong in our family, so boring!

The Man: When you and MeiMei are at PoPo’s house, you’re not boring as there’re 2 Angs.

Matthew: And 3 Fongs, MaMa, Ah Yi and GongGong.

The Man: Ya, only PoPo is the boring one.

Matthew: Ya!

We clarified with Matthew this morning, and he was actually refering to the single surnames being ‘bored’, with no one else having the same surname as them, rather than ‘boring’.

By now, we had reached the public carpark and were getting out of the car.

Megan: There are 2 Eatans (Ethan) in my class.

Me (burst out into uncontrolled laughter): 2 Eatens?

Megan: Ya, 2 Eatans. Eatan xxx and Eatan xxx.

Me (trying so hard to control my laughter that my stomach muscles had started to cramp up) to the Man: I can certainly think of 2 eatens!

The Man (laughing): Eaten breakfast, eaten lunch and also eaten dinner?

Although it was certainly wrong to laugh at the kids and even the names of others, but we sure needed the dose of laughter after a hard day at work.

The next step would be to teach the lisping Megan and Matthew to pronounce ‘th’…


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