Bus Rides and Smiles

The kids and I ventured out for breakfast last Saturday morning, taking the public bus.

When the kids heard that they were to get their EZ-Link concession cards  (stored value card for public transit use on buses/MRT) ready, they moved with such enthusiastic speed that I didn’t even see them disappear from my sight. After some loud clanking of boxes being opened and then closed, they reappeared with their lanyards and cards over their necks, raring to go.

Not having prior experience in bringing both kids out alone and taking the public bus, I was worried if I was able to handle 2 easily excitable kids. As it turned out, my worries were unfounded. The kids were angelic all the way to the bus stop, up the bus, and even on the bus. Even though the bus ride was only a few bus stops long, I could see that they loved it, watching the scenary go past them through the windows, quietly taking in the surroundings.

All Smiles

The sweet smiles that displayed their genuine happiness. Totally heartwarming…


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