Lessons from the Kids #3 – Eat Thy Words!

Stating the Obvious 1: Maturity is only a subjective perception

My son, whom I recently blogged to have become more and more mature, is the one who taught me Lesson #2. His ‘maturity’ is just my wishful thinking. Who am I kidding? He’s only 5+ years old! Moreover, some men never grow up their whole lives.

Stating the Obvious 2: Boys and Girls are different when it comes to wetting the beds, or are they?

We waited till Matthew turned 5 years old to permanently put him off diapers at night, calling him awake again to visit the toilet before we turn in for the night. We continued this practice until a few months ago, when I felt Matthew should be more than capable of waking up on his own to visit the toilet. Since then, he has had 1 or 2 ‘accidents’, wetting his pants in bed, but the bedsheets and all went unscathed.

When we felt it was safe enough, we switched our attention to Megan, and put her permanently off diapers since 1 month ago. We even skipped waking her up again to visit the toilet, and just let her sleep through the night on a waterproof mat. Which she has done beautifully for a few weeks, waking up in the morning dry and happy.

And I have been secretly proud of her that she was holding her bladder well, and have even stopped worrying about it. Until 4am this morning.

I was stirred groggily from my slumber by whimpers at the door. Once my mind registered it was Megan crying by the door, I jumped out of bed immediately. “Bed is wet!” was my second thought, the first being I couldn’t remember what.

I ran to Megan, feeling her behind with my hand. Sure enough, she had wet herself. Comforting as best as I could while checking the damage to the bed, I was filled with past experiences with Matthew, and thinking the damage was probably mild, if any at all. How wrong was I.

Fumbling in the dark, my hands encountered the waterproof mat. The sodden, dripping wet mat. Where a puddle of urine had pooled in. Megan had emptied her entire bladder on her bed.

Feeling faint, I had no choice but to wake the Man up. We then spent the next 20 minutes stripping both Megan and the bed bare. After Megan had washed up and both her and the bed had put on clean clothes, I proceeded to start up the washing machine to wash all the soiled stuff. 4.30am, and I’m washing stuff! I eat my words that everything is going beautifully!

Humility is key. Play down the kids’ abilities, keep fingers crossed, and when the time comes to eat one’s words, take it in stride…


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