Survival of the Technologically Savviest?

On the little Red Dot island called home, peace and harmony have been taken for granted. Being extremely technologically savvy, a new sub-species may have been found.

The hottest (pun intended) news that happened yesterday was the fire that broke out at Newton MRT station. In no time at all, almost everyone knew about the fire, thanks to those who braved the smoke to bring us live footage.

Disregarding the instincts to flee when faced with danger (a smoky, enclosed underground tunnel), the new sub-species whipped out their smart phones and took photos and videos of the scene, of others taking photos and posted them all over the Internet. Surprisingly, everyone in the photos and videos was calm. Nobody was fleeing the scene. Strange. Or maybe I’m just the strange one.

Maybe it’s no longer about survival of the fittest; it’s survival of the technologically savviest now. Even when faced with the danger of becoming extinct, I would still choose to keep my smarts separate from my phone…


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