The Timekeeper

To add variety to my daily work, I have been tasked to keep time for an event today.
Lining up 3 timers and the timekeeper’s schedule on the table, I set about fulfilling my duty for the day.
After 24 rounds of watching time for 2 minutes, record, 11 minutes, record, 2 minutes, record, since 8am, I’m ready to call it quits.
It’s not the routine, clock work (pun intended) that was the killer. It’s the time watching.
I have never kept such a tight, maniacal watch on time before. Watching the time count down by the seconds was incredibly painful, knowing that you’re duty bound to do exactly that was excruciating.
But I have never been so aware of time as well; time really passes quite quickly, even when you’re watching it so closely.
And having just finished reading ‘The Timekeeper’ by Mitch Albom, the meaning of keeping watch of time is even more poignant…


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