And He Can Do a Split

One of the advantages of having children is having another person to analyse, watch and get to know in the family, instead of just our partner to analyse to death. But it can be a double-edged sword; on one hand, the amount of knowledge one can gather is something to be marvelled at, but on the other hand, the knowledge can leave one helpless, not knowing what and how to deal with the knowledge.

Luckily, the latest knowledge I gathered of my first-born, Matthew, is something I marvel at, and look upon with much envy. And very little action is needed.


This was taken when Matthew was warming up during the internal grading last Saturday. The children were only doing stretches, but Matthew’s feet slipped on the mat and he ended up doing a split, and a near perfect one! And apparently the accidental split didn’t affect him, as he held the position until they were done with the hamstring stretch. Then he recovered to a standing position without difficulty, though all the protective gear made him look like a robot.

I was amazed! And, if I were honest, a little envious that Matthew could do it so effortlessly. Since young, for some weird reason I cannot fathom, I have always dreamed that I will be able to do splits. Now my dream is being fulfilled, in my child! In a way, I feel gratified. I never thought Matthew would be able to do a split. Okay, there are other things to think about. But, how cool is that! I think I might start hero-worship my son very soon, especially and particularly his accomplishments in the martial arts. If all goes well, he’ll even surpass the Man in TKD! It is something I have never been able to do. Now, would I be able to convince Megan to be start on TKD too…


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