He Lost His Tooth

From inside his mouth but kept it like treasure in a bottle. Matthew’s first tooth.

What began innocently 2 months ago as chomping down hard on a cob of corn and loosening the lower left central incisor gradually became an uncomfortable sensation in his mouth.

As the tooth gave up it’s death grip in the gum and gradually lost the will to hang on, Matthew became more and more careful with jolting it. It resulted in an increasingly slower pace in finishing his meals, until it was hair-tearing frustration for us every time.

Finally, the Man decided the tooth is loose enough, and plucked it out with a piece of tissue paper and a flourish.

Immediately, the relief was evident in Matthew’s face, combined with the excitement of losing his first tooth and joining his small group of “bo-gay” (toothless in Hokkien) friends in school. It was as if the tooth was a light switch; pulling it out turned on the light in Matthew.

Tooth Free

The happy boy with all his teeth, albeit at different locations now.

The other lower central incisor, following the absence of his brother, is also losing his will to live. He now spends his time fidgeting in his seat, and it’s a matter of time he too will join his brother. And the cycle of slow eating and distraction will start again. Repeat 19 other times…


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