Stop It, Stupid

Now that Megan has gained adequate eloquence to engage in conversation with Matthew and play together, the frequency of squabbles has also increased.

Because we discourage the use of the word “stupid”, it has risen to become a taboo word at home, and one that tattletale Matthew relishes in being the first to report if anyone (actually, only Megan) uses the taboo word.

However, this has also sparked one of the most common arguements the kids have.

Matthew: MeiMei, let’s play (insert game).

Megan: Ok!

After a while of playing together,

Megan: Hey Matthew, not like that! Stop it!

Matthew: Hor, you said Stupid! I go tell BaBa MaMa!

Megan: No, I said Stop it!

Matthew comes running to us, with Megan following behind

Matthew: BaBa, MaMa, MeiMei said Stupid.

Megan: No, I said stop it, not stupid.

Matthew: See, you said stupid!

And this goes on a few other occasions. Am now wondering if there is something wrong with Matthew’s hearing…


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