What Do You See?


I see a bubble tea chain store that has attracted dozens to queue patiently to place their orders, then queue again to collect their favourite drinks.

I see a brand I prefer over the others, a brand that guarantees the correct amount of sweetness exactly as I order it.

I see it as KOI, know it as KOI, blind to any other interpretations.

Matthew sees it as a habit to pester me to buy the “KOI pearl drink” for him and Megan, after his swimming lesson every Saturday now, the ‘Chocolate Milk with pearls’.

Last Saturday was the same, but I managed to convince Mr Predictable to try a different flavour, just so I did not get bored.

Then, Mr Predictable said something that made me realise how predictable I have been as an adult.

Matthew said, “Do you know, if you turn KOI this way (gesturing with his hand), it’s the Chinese character for 豆?”

Wow. Ignorant me would not have thought of it that way. Before this. So I read up a bit more, and realised it’s indeed the case. KOI cafe is meant to be read as 豆 after all.

A rude awakening for the New Year. I’m compelled to learn more now, with Matthew consistently peeling back the layers of my intelligence (purely due to my advanced years), and revealing my ignorant core…


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