New Year, New Reflections

With a flash, a blink and a ka-boom! 2013 has arrived. Just like that.

Looking back at the time where I couldn’t wait for be 18 years old, the legal age to buy and consume alcohol, and the secret glee to be able to flash my I.D. at the cashier and go “Aha! See, I’m of legal age, okay?” Turned out, nobody ever questioned my eligibility. And worse, because I’m allegic to alcohol, I don’t drink much anyway.

Then, I couldn’t wait to be 21 years old, for whatever reasons I have forgotten now. And wham! The years just flew by after that. Now, I still try, at times, to clutch and hold on to time. But time is never mine to stall. And time is doing worse things to me.

Like making me lose my memory. Gone were the days where I could immediately recognise faces, and put names to them. Now, I smile and wave my hand in greeting to familiar faces, while hoping the other party will not catch the hesitation in my smile and gesture, and the frowns I have on my face for hours after the meeting. Cracking my brain in vain to put the faces in the obscure parts of my life, not to even mention their names. Nowadays, I simply give up. No, I cannot do it anymore.

And I have never been good with remembering the plots of movies I have watched and stories I have read. Now, it’s colossally bad. I cannot remember the plots of movies I have watched twice! And sometimes books, when I re-read them. I irritate the hell out of the Man, and now myself too for my non-existent memory.

So, this year, I shall endeavour to pen down more of my reflections on happenings in my life, so that I can capture snapshots of my life, albeit not a very exciting nor useful one. Hopefully with these memoirs, I can look back one day and say, “See? I remember, okay?” Hah, as if…


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