This Boy Can Eat

Except perhaps in the first year, Matthew has not been a fleshy boy. In fact, he is between the 3rd to 5th percentile in terms of weight. Hugging him is like hugging bones, all jutting angles and edges, with just a thin layer of smooth skin over the bones to take away some of the edge.

But after spending a full day with him recently, I realised that my skinny boy can eat. And eat. And eat. Maybe it’s just by my standard, maybe boys his age eat much more, I don’t really know. All I know is that I am so full, just by watching him eat.


Breakfast at 815am – 1 and a half slices of bread, and a packet of milo.


Lunch at 12pm- potato wedges, nuggets, 2 fishballs and a piece of Nonya kueh. Not the healthiest meal in the world, but available.

Lunch Dessert

Dessert at 1pm – a cup of frozen yoghurt with peaches and granola.

Movie snack while watching the “Rise of the Guardians” – popcorn

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea at 4pm, after the movie – waffles with ice cream. He polished off all the ice cream and most of the chocolate syrup, and 18 out of the 20 rectangles making up the whole waffle. By himself, with no help from me.


Dinner at 5.15pm – after declaring he was ‘full’ from the waffle, he proceeded to eat 2 or 3 helpings of mac & cheese, some corn nibblets and chicken. By now, the dazed look on his face told us he was probably going into a food coma. Or just general tiredness from being out the whole day. And by now, I already felt sick watching him eat. But relieved that he is skinny not because he doesn’t eat. It’s just that the food he consumes disappears into thin air.

Nevertheless, I am hoping that he may be one of the lucky souls with very high metabolism rates, who can eat and eat and nothing will show on their bodies. And that he will be one of the lanky but perfectly healthy lads when he grows up…


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