What Word Starts with Z

We were having some fun on the drive home by taking turns to shout out words beginning with a chosen alphabet.

Matthew set the bar very high by choosing the letter ‘Z’. The competitive Man, for fear of running out of words, was the first to shout out ‘Zebra’.

I shouted out ‘Zoo’. Matthew, not to be outdone, shouted out ‘Zou’, the name of the animation featuring a zebra family, currently showing on Disney Junior at 6.30pm. And without waiting for his turn again, shouted out something I couldn’t get my head around, but the word definitely started with the correct letter.

Megan, who had been quiet till now, then shouted loudly in her high-pitched voice, “I know what starts with Z. ZAMBUK!”

The Man and I burst out laughing. Soon I was in hysterics, unable to stop.

Trust her to think of that! And she was absolutely right! We praised her in between our guffaws. The least literarily inclined member of the family could come up with the most unexpected thing…


Zambuk, a go-to ointment of our parents’ generation. For bruises, cuts, scrapes, insect bites, anything. And of course, following tradition, we have it at home.


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