Kids’ End of Year Concert 2012

In the 4 years Matthew has been with his school, and 2 years for Megan, we have attended 3 end of year concerts. The school did not organise a school-wide one when Matthew was in Nursery 1. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly each time.

This year, the Man and I were both relieved and extremely happy that Megan was able to perform with her class. Well, she has a penchant for missing out on big occasions because of sickness before, like the end of year concert last year. So naturally we were filled with apprehension when the day arrived, checking if she would be well enough, and then worrying till her item to see if she would chicken out at the last minute.


The kids, semi-dressed for their dance items.

Concert's Theme

The theme for this year’s concert. Traditionally, the graduating class (Kindergarten 2) will come up with the theme and story to the end of year concert. It is hard to imagine that it will be Matthew’s class’ turn next year.

Our worries for Megan turned out to be unfounded. For Megan performed the steps to her dance beautifully and to the rhythm of the music, standing proud and tall in the first row. She also looked gorgeous in her Indian-inspired costume.

In the besotted eyes of the parents, nothing could ever match the beauty and competence of our own children. That’s the way nature is, I guess.

Ice Queen

Our Ice Queen. Who never once smiled throughout the performance. She looked like she was executing a military routine, in fact.

We were unable to take any good enough photo of Matthew’s performance with our aging camera, as he was never still throughout his item.


The concert also included an exhibition, which all the staff of the school worked hard to put together for the parents to admire their children’s handiwork.


Part of the display from Matthew’s class.


One of Matthew’s works – a picture of Earth, and Chinese words he wrote on the characteristics of hot air rising, and cold air sinking.


Displays by Megan’s class.


Megan’s pumpkin for Halloween.

More N1

And the work they did during Megan’s Chinese class.

Megan's Performance

Megan posing with the cut-out of her dance item.


Incidentally, Matthew with his.

During events like these, seeing how anxious and proud the parents are of their children, remind me poignantly how each child means the world to the parents. Our precious, precious children.

Ah, I look forward to the concert end of next year. Our boy will be graduating from Kindergarten 2, and beginning the next stage of his education in our little country. Till the premium, centre front rows of seats reserved for parents of graduating children next year…


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