The Mysterious Jasmine Green Tea

I talked about Matthew’s class planning and organising a barbecue as part of communication in the previous post.

This is the whole process:

Part 2

Brainstorming the required things for the barbecue with words and pictures.

Part 3

The lists of who was in charge of bringing what items.

Part 4

Featured in the photo – proof that I was indeed grilling the food at the barbecue.

And the mysterious Jasmine Green Tea, which was not in the initial list of specific drinks to prepare when Matthew first told us about it. After checking with Teacher Jasmine, we confirmed that Matthew told us to get the green tea, then went to school to tell Teacher Jasmine we have bought the green tea, when we hadn’t at that time. Turned out the reason Matthew was inspired to get the green tea was because it had Teacher Jasmine’s name on it! What was going through that little mind of his, we could only guess…


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